Lawn Care Service Frisco TX: What Weeds Should You Look Out For?

When you call in a lawn care service Frisco TX company, one of the first things they will diagnose is the weed problem on your lawn. There are several kinds of weeds which can make their way onto your lawn and take it over. Luckily, most of those weeds are easily identifiable and removable. Here are a few which may have invaded your yard: 1. Dandelion Dandelions and their accompanying yellow flowers are one of the most easily identifiable broadleaf weeds. The puffy white seed pods which fly with a strong breeze are also easy to spot. However, removing the flowers or seeds is not the key to removing the dandelion. They also have large leaves which branch out in all directions and a deep root. Simple weeding might not remove the pest, as there is a chance the flowers could spread their seed if touched. Proper lawn care, such as mowing, is the key to managing dandelions. 2. Henbit Henbit is another weed which can be identified by its flowers. It is a winter annual which sprouts tiny, tube-shaped purple flowers on clumps of veined, soft leaves. Henbit is difficult to root out when it has established itself on your lawn. Preventative weed care on the part of your lawn care service Frisco TX experts is likely to be necessary to keep it away. If you do see henbit on your lawn, ask your local professionals about special herbicides to combat it. 3. Common chickweed Chickweed is not as easy to identify as its brighter neighbors. It has long stems with oval-shaped leaves and small, white flowers. It grows low to the ground, and its shoots can cover those of your turfgrass. When you call in the professionals, have them look especially for chickweed, as it can be difficult for the layman to pick out. Luckily, it can be removed by simple pulling and application of common herbicides. Be sure and institute a program that might keep it off of your lawn for good. Having your lawn treated by a lawn care service Frisco TX company can go a long way towards keeping invasive weeds out. Besides the traditional cures of pulling weeds using herbicides, there are programs of prevention which can help even more virulent weeds off of your grass. Ask the professionals at Greener Turf for options when it comes to keeping the invasive species off of your lawn and out of your flowerbeds. Check us out online at www.mygreenerturf.com or call us with questions at 972-712-4414. lawn care service Frisco TXFrisco Texas Lawn Care | My Greener Turf8700 Stonebrook Pkwy #1614Frisco, Texas 75034(972) 992-5296 Photo Credit: ©Depositphotos.com/ t e e r a w a t...

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Welcome to Our Blog! We Are the Best Lawn Care Frisco TX Company Around

Welcome to our blog! Greener Turf is the premiere lawn care and maintenance company in the Frisco, Texas area. We are excited to serve the area’s residents with excellent lawn care at an affordable price. Our knowledgeable lawn care experts can make the most out of any lawn. They can make even the dullest or smallest lawns look lush and inviting. You may not believe the impact a well-manicured lawn can make on a home or commercial building. But it can increase property values, aesthetic appeal, and create a more professional and put-together look. But can’t you take care of your own lawn? These days everyone enjoys a good do-it-yourself project. And sure, you can make your lawn your next DIY project. But the truth is that most people get too tired or overwhelmed to make their own yards as beautiful as they imagine. Laying sod, landscaping, weeding, fertilizing and mowing are all a lot of work. Let Greener Turf take care of your lawn. We are the best lawn care Frisco TX company in town, and we can create the yard you have dreamed of. Save yourself some time, stress and money and don’t try to do it yourself, especially if you have no experience with lawn care. Our experts can get the job done quicker. Let the Experts Do It As one of the top lawn care Frisco TX companies, we offer only the best advice and service. Our lawn care experts are knowledgeable and experienced. They are passionate about outdoor landscapes and want to give every yard and outdoor space the color and life they deserve. Caring for a yard can be a lot of work, particularly if the yard is well-landscaped with various bushes, trees and shrubs. Taking care of your own hedge trimming, weed whacking and mowing can take up an entire weekend day, if not longer. Save your weekends and let our experts take care of it in just an hour or two. Call Someone You Can Trust Choosing a lawn care company you can trust is vital. Before you invite the most inexpensive landscaper you can find, consider a few things first. You are inviting these lawn care experts to your home or office building. They will be around your kids, your pets and your belongings. Make sure you hire someone you can trust. At Greener Turf, our lawn experts are trustworthy and responsible. They also offer the best service and try their utmost to not inconvenience you, the client, in any way. If you’re looking for the best lawn care Frisco TX offers, call Greener Turf today! lawn care frisco tx Greener Turf 8700 Stonebrook Pkwy Frisco, TX 75034 +1 972-992-5296...

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