5 Things Your Lawn Fertilization Service Should Do Now

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5 Things Your Lawn Fertilization Service Should Do Now

Lawn Fertilization Service Frisco TXIf you use a lawn maintenance or a lawn fertilization service in Frisco, TX  you may be under the misconception that winter is a slower season for lawn care. However, there are many important steps you can take to ensure the greater health of your lawn during autumn and winter, with noticeable benefits in spring and summer. Here are five things you or your lawn fertilization company should be doing to care for your Frisco, TX lawn during the fall and winter.

Don’t Stop Mowing

You may be tempted to quit mowing your lawn on a regular basis once the cooler months hit, but what you really should be doing is using your mower blade’s lowest setting, especially on the last two times you cut it for the season. This allows the sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, which means that there will be less browning during the winter.

Make Sure You Aerate the Soil

Aerating your lawn allows water, fertilizer and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass with ease. There are tools that you can rent from a home improvement store to aerate your lawn yourself, or you can ask your lawn maintenance service to do it for you.

Don’t Ignore Those Piles of Leaves

Raking leaves is probably right up there with a root canal or making small talk at your office Christmas party, but it is a seriously important part of your autumn and winter lawn care routine. Letting leaves accumulate on your lawn does more than make your lawn look unkempt. Those piles of leaves are safe harbors for all kinds of fungal diseases just waiting to devastate your lawn.

Do Your Spring Fertilization Now

Your lawn fertilization service in Frisco, TX should already have fertilized your lawn in anticipation of the spring. That’s because the roots and rhizomes of grass continue to grow beneath the soil, and at a rapid pace. While the green stuff up top may be slowing down, the amount of root growth will determine the lushness of spring blade growth.

Take Care of Bald Spots

Autumn or winter is the perfect time to take care of any bare or balding patches in your lawn. There are numerous products out there designed just for this type of project, or you can simply have your lawn company take care of it for you. You’ll just want to make sure that you water the area where the application took place every other day for about two weeks.

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