Lawn Mowing Services Offer Tips for Maintaining Your Bermuda Lawn

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Lawn Mowing Services Offer Tips for Maintaining Your Bermuda Lawn

Lawn Mowing Services Frisco TXMaintaining your lawn is important for your home’s curb appeal and value, so consulting lawn mowing services can be a worthwhile investment if you lack landscaping knowledge. While many homeowners choose the drought and heat tolerant Bermuda grass for their lawn, proper watering, fertilizing, and mowing is still necessary to keep this durable grass in a healthy state. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your Bermuda lawn.


Once your Bermuda grass is established, it will not need a great deal of water. However, if your lawn appears to have a bluish tint or shows footprints easily, it may be in a state of stress due to drought.

Running your sprinklers or irrigation system for about 30 minutes is usually sufficient, but make sure your sprinklers reach each section of your yard. Place a few empty tuna cans around your yard while the sprinklers are running. When these cans are filled with the water from your sprinkler or irrigation system, your lawn will have adequate moisture.


Your Bermuda lawn will turn green in the spring, but the exact date can vary due to your local climate and the possibility of a late frost. Consult professionals to test your soil. This will determine which nutrients your soil and Bermuda grass need for sufficient fertilization.

Fertilize your lawn every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the Bermuda is green, lush, and healthy through the spring, summer, and fall season.


While shocking for many homeowners to learn, improper mowing can kill your lawn. Mowing your lawn too early in the season or mowing it too short can damage the grass blades, decreasing its ability to thrive through the seasons. For the best results, consider hiring lawn mowing services to mow and maintain your Bermuda lawn in the most effective manner.

Once the grass begins to turn green in the spring, set the mower height at 1 to 2 inches. If you used a hybrid Bermuda grass seed when establishing your lawn, set your mower height to ½ to 1 ½ inches to cut. Most people believe Bermuda lawns look best at a shorter height, but it will be up to you to determine the length of time in between mowing.

Bermuda grass is considered low maintenance, but proper watering, fertilizing, and mowing is still needed. For help with your Bermuda lawn, consider maintenance and lawn mowing services from Greener Turf in the Frisco, TX area at (972) 992-5296.

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